It’s quite unfortunate that so many people’s ideas about beauty are determined by mainstream media. It is uncommon not be influenced to some degree by media, commercialism, and local popular culture; which is understandable. All I know is people are judgmental in all the wrong ways. I say all the wrong ways because I don’t believe anyone is free from judgment – it is human nature. So many people are shallow and primarily appearance based but more than that it’s an obsession for too many.

I have my own ideas about beauty of course; but they stem from a much deeper place. What each person finds to be beautiful or attractive is versatile, but in many cases I see too many people attracted not so much to one person but to one person based on visual and mind-altering mass media or just based on what is “in” or “trendy”. Sometimes it just blows my mind how many people become consumed by popular opinion and not just in the case of beauty.

If we base things of only visual stimulation and the millions of micro images which enter our mind throughout each day then we are losing out. By letting only technology and visual brain-washing become us – we are changing our biology by who we select as our partners and this is affected by media and popular culture. Not every area of our culture has the best intentions or ideals.

Where do our ideas stem from? Who and what do you allow to influence the way you think, what you believe, and who you are as an individual?

Real beauty is intricate, multifaceted, emotive, and expressive. The expressions are different and the physicality is as well.


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