Where Reality Lies

October  12, 2016

What do you do when someone you trusted and invested your blood, breath, and soul into ends up being a totally different person underneath it all? Someone who you are not sure you know.or ever really knew.

What do you do when you find demons in a person or system or country that you still believe has innocence or repentance or hope? How can a broken person or system be fixed, on what level. And to what extent?

What would you do if you caught a co-worker, friend, or loved one making up lies about you just to frantically hide their own sins or deflect?

Or even this… you are running for a position at your job and the other candidate is gaslighting you and telling lies both public and private to discredit you or make you look insane, ill, or incapable etc.? What if you didn’t even know at all or didn’t know until it was too late?

What about the domestic violence victims who dated and married someone and were made promises of love, safety, loyalty, protection and once they became trapped physically and psychologically and suddenly were being severely beaten. bruised, and broken physically and/or psychologically on a daily or weekly basis and found they were standing eye to eye with a complete stranger. A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Either a person or an institution? Or someone who just always got away with it and was never confronted or counseled? What is known? What is fact?

What even if half or more of the U.S. population were tricked by a political candidate or huge company, media, or maybe someone who is rich and powerful, or someone who has a lot of friends or connections?

When I think about victims of abuse and people who think it could never happen to them, or that its just a choice, or maybe you think they did something to deserve it somehow.>>> I think about all the people who are tricked, manipulated, abused, or gaslighted by people in positions of power, say government or media, by products and ads, by ideas, all of that and more. How some people think a d.v. victim are dumb, weak, damaged, etc but actually they are JUST LIKE YOU. That you could be a victim or survivor in any kind of event and realize you are really human. Did you ever look at that dirty disgusting smelly bum and know that could be you? You could lose your family, you could be assaulted, you could get sick, you could lose it all and not even be a person “at risk.”

Watch yourself, check yourself. Do not lie. Do not believe anything except what you must because smoke screens are real and you and I are flesh and blood. What if you were born in Native land, France, Isreal, Africa, Tahiti, China, Koria, Russia, or somewhere else, perhaps even Syria? Who would you be then?

Any of us can be voting for a psycho or sociopath or narcissist or liar or anything just even lied to and made to believe things that are not true or that commitments are not made as planned or you’re tricked or they only said what they thought you wanted to hear etc etc and You may or may not ever know. No, you are not just a pawn. Life is not a game of chess. For some, there are no rules.

And by the way someone I loved and love, my sister, who was by all means one of the most witty, resourceful, strong, intelligent woman met the man of her dreams who made her feel safe and beautiful later was beat for days, weeks, years and hours and hours until she almost lost her precious life. So don’t think you can’t be fooled by any one or any thing even if your one of the smarter people in this world… or even if you are an American.

(What if you were born a woman instead of a man, man instead of woman, “white” instead of “black”, native instead of Mexican, whatever… how would that change you or your beliefs, how would it change the choices or paths you take? What if you were raised Catholic instead of Mormon? Or atheist rather than Baptist, or ?

There are times you can not know what is really happening unless you are that person, in that place, or part of that event or situation. The complexity of it all even exists on the inside of different situations and circumstances. The truth is not always clear especially from an outside perspective. So for and from what basis do you and I find solace and answers?

Furthermore what lies or realities are we partaking of and to whom do they belong?

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