Self Worth & A Little Good Advice

Beginning again

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In order to measure your self worth you need to continuously engage it, KNOW you are DESERVING, never give up, forgive yourself, forgive others (without forgetting the valuable lessons), and learn to trust (but still enable your guard when necessary).

Give yourself a break! Thats means allow yourself to relax once in awhile. Listen to your brain MORE and your heart less. Remember during hard times the following: 1) Beat yourself up just a little less (your human), 2) Life has ups and downs so if your bottoming out – the next round will be up (hold on to this rollercoaster ride), 3) Seek support (this means you will have to open up some), 4) Stand up for yourself (sometimes a good defense is equally valuable to having a game plan), 5) Make it a point to notice every time you smile and why.

When it comes to confidence, it’s…

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